Buildings & Urban Development
Water & Environment
Project Management

EGEC’s services in this area is a comprehensive integration of a complete picture of urban development, from a wide perspective of developing a modern city or community to details, functional studies, aesthetics and sustaining infrastructure. The building designs cover full range of expertise for high rise Buildings, residential, commercial & administrative buildings, museums, banks, hotels, industrial, educational & healthcare facilities, entertainment cinemas & theaters, shopping malls, cultural, sports & worship facilities and restoration of historical monuments & buildings. EGEC’s expertise cover all project stages from initial concept and design through project management and construction supervision.

Life-focused services following an integrated approach to water; including sources, supply, treatment, and sanitation and environment concerns and solutions. Our experience have impacted the better quality of life of developing communities. Our activities cover piping, networks, stations and treatment plants (master plan, wastewater treatment plant, integrated wastewater projects; water supply, water treatment plants, desalination plants, irrigation, ground water  studies), environmental projects, coastal & marine, dams & hydraulic structures.

The transportation services are connected to human movements needs, taking into consideration the increasing population and the environmental threats. EGEC has extensive experience serving governmental agencies and private sector. The strong in-house capabilities allow integrated undertaking of different types of projects; integrated development infrastructure, road networks, highways, strategic planning for road sector, bridges & tunnels, traffic impact assessment studies, highway feasibility studies, regional & local connecting roads, and airports.

EGEC’s services in this field are provided by a team of experts that has a considerable expertise to face today’s energy challenges and handle the different needed disciplines to address many of the “Energy” related projects. EGEC Group capabilities covers conventional energy (electric power generation projects, and transmission and distribution “T & D” systems), renewable energy (solar energy systems, wind energy systems and waste to energy systems), energy audit and smart grid connection. 

EGEC provides value-driven solutions in order to achieve project goals from its early stages to delivery, employing optimum controls of resources through a comprehensive management knowledge that covers feasibility studies, design management, construction management and supervision. We ensure efficient handling of all activities according to the project specifications and the client requirements within the agreed duration, budget, contractual obligations, quality procedures and safety standards.