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EPC Electrical GIS Substation & Construction 380 kV OHTL Double Circuit RIC S/S #2, KSA (Contracts No. 099-C02 & 100-C01)
CLIENT NAME Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, KSA
OWNER Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, KSA
LOCATION Ras El Khair Industrial City, KSA
DURATION 2014 – 2016


The objective of the project is to connect 380 kV Substation # 2 in Ras El Khair Industrial City with Saudi Electricity Company grid, Bulk Supply Point Substation RIC S/S # 2 380 / 115 / 33 kV has been constructed under this project by:

  1. Disconnecting the line segment between two dead end towers of existing 380 kV double – circuit Overhead Transmission Line “Ras El Khair SWCC PP S/S – Wasit” in front of RIC S/S #2.

  2. The existing Ras El Khair SWCC – Wasit 380 kV double circuit transmission line was crossing through RIC (Ras El Khair Industrial City) area. 


Reviewing contractor’s base and detail design and providing approval. Providing engineering support to the client during construction