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WWTP at New Cairo City, Egypt
CLIENT NAME The Construction Authority for Potable Water & Wastewater (CAPW)
OWNER The Construction Authority for Potable Water & Wastewater (CAPW)
LOCATION New Cairo City, Egypt
DURATION 2007 – 2010

The WWTP in New Cairo City is located on Cairo – Ein Elsokhna road.

  • The WWTP firstly was designed to collect the raw wastewater from New Cairo city and to be treated a Secondary treatment only
  • The plant is designed on two stages (the 1st with capacity 80,000 m3/d & the 2nd with capacity 20,000 m3/d).
  • But in order to protect the environment from pollution and to reuse the treated wastewater in the irrigation of the open green areas in the city, it was decided by CAPW to add Tertiary treatment to the plant by a capacity of 100,000 m3/day
  • The plant is designed to work by tertiary treatment including sand filters, and for the sludge treatment will be by means of thickeners & drying beds.
  • The treated effluent is discharged into irrigation network in New Cairo City
  • Preparing tender documents (detailed design drawings, technical specifications, bill of quantities & geotechnical investigations) for the tertiary treatment process
  • Construction supervision for the 2 stages of the plant (80,000 & 20,000 m3/d)
  • Construction supervision for the tertiary treatment (100,000 m3/d)
  • Operation & maintenance of the plant