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Al Jassimya Office Tower, Qatar Overview: Al Jassimya Office Tower is an office building that consists of 3 basements, ground floor, mezzanine, and 40 storeys. The area per floor ran ... Read more
Extensions of Abu Rawash Wastewater Treatment Plant, Egypt Overview: The WWTP is working by Primary Treatment with an average capacity of 400,000 m3/day  ... Read more
Makkah Roads Projects (Phase 1 & 2), KSA Overview: Provide consulting engineering services for the preparation of studies and designs for road projects in Holy Makkah  ... Read more
Zafarana Wind Parks, Egypt Overview: The project is part of Zafarana Wind Park. It consists of the following; 80 No. of Wind Converter Units of height 45 m and funded ... Read more
Suez Canal Cable – Stayed Bridge (Eastern Approach), Egypt Overview: A 4.1 km cable - stayed road bridge across the Suez Canal ... Read more
Pfizer Packaging and Manufacturing Facility, KSA Overview: A pharmaceutical plant for Oral Solid production and Packaging in KSA. The project site area is 32,000 m2 and comprises four buildings ... Read more
Al Taif – Al Baha Water Transmission System, KSA Overview: Detailed engineering services for Al Taif – Al Baha water transmission system in Saudi Arabia ... Read more
Development of Cairo - Alexandria Highway, Egypt Overview: The project aims to develop a 240 km highway ... Read more
50 MW PV Plant at Benban Area (FIT project), Egypt Overview: Structures on the site will include PV panels supporting structures, transformers; electrical rooms; firefighting building; a ... Read more
Optimization of 1st Stage Al Jabal Al Asfar Wastewater Treatment Plant, Egypt Overview: This project is divided to 7 zones, each zone contains several plant units ... Read more
Urban Development of Residential, Public Buildings & Facilities in Jubail (Contract No. 027 – T18) Overview: The project includes design of ... Read more
Technical Assistance Program Generalization of Water Supply Local Financing and State Subsidies, Morocco Overview: The project consist of the wat ... Read more
Establishment and Design of Bus Stops across Sharjah, UAE Overview: Conducting studies necessary to locate 800 bus stops, for mass transit on the paths proposed in previous studies ... Read more
50 x 2 MW Wind Turbine project, Egypt Overview: Structures on the site will include wind turbine foundations, substation and control buildings, transformers, electrical rooms, firefight ... Read more
Pfizer New Solid Oral Dosage Production Building, Egypt Overview: An industrial building for the new production line of the solid oral dosage.  ... Read more
South Shamkha Development, Package (3) Lot. (4), UAE Overview: South Shamkha is a mixed use development 50 km from the city center in Abu Dhabi. The project covers an area of 4,000 hectare ... Read more
Preparation of Master Plan for Water & Wastewater for Assiut & Red Sea Governorates, Egypt Overview: Surface plants for potabl ... Read more
The New link Banha/ Shubra on the Cairo / Alex. Agricultural Road, Egypt Overview: Feasibility study of a new link between Banha and Shubra in Cairo with approximately 40 km length ... Read more
EPC Electrical GIS Substation & Construction 380 kV OHTL Double Circuit RIC S/S #1, KSA (Contract No. 099-C01) Overview: The objective of the proj ... Read more
"Flowers Park" Residential Compound, Egypt Overview: Flowers Park is a residential compound, consists of 87 villas.  ... Read more
Urban Development and Infrastructure in Jubail Industrial City (Contract No. 101 – T18) Overview: Complete task package includes ... Read more
Water Treatment System of 25,000 m3/day & Water Transmission from Al Laith Dam to Desalination Plant at Shuaiba, KSA Overview: Construction of the Al Laith w ... Read more
Development and Design of El Ein El Sokhna El Qattamia Highway, Egypt Overview: The road length is 110 km, the number of lanes from 2 to 3 per each direction  ... Read more
EPC Switching Station 33 kV, RC Territory, KSA Overview: The project comprises 33 kV Switching Stations CC‐1 & CC‐2 and associated 33 kV Underground cables have been established and ... Read more
Renovation of Fairmont Hotel, Egypt Overview: The Fairmont Hotel is located in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. The Hotel’s Owner is Gulf Egypt for Hotels and Tourism (GEHT). ... Read more
Makkah Slums Urban Development, KSA Overview:The project aims to improve the cultural, social and health characteristics of the study areas in Makkah city by offering ideas for investmen ... Read more
2nd Integrated Sanitation & Sewerage Infrastructure Project (ISSIP 2), Egypt Overview: The project includes Environmental & Socio-economic Assessment for 24 villages in Assiut Governorate.  ... Read more
Myas Interchange at Intersection of By-Pass Highway & Al Mina, KSA (Contract No. A-0070 C) Overview: Royal Commission currently wor ... Read more
EPC Electrical GIS Substation & Construction 380 kV OHTL Double Circuit RIC S/S #3, KSA (Contract No. 099-C05) Overview: The project is constructing ... Read more
New Nasr City Towers, Egypt Overview: The project consists of 11 towers out of a total of 55 towers. The total area of the project is 100,000 m2. ... Read more
Al Rayyan Parks, Qatar Overview: The project sites are located at four (4) various locations in Rayyan Municipality as follows ... Read more
Preparation of Master Plan for Water & Wastewater for El Menia Governorate, Egypt Overview: Surface plants for potabl ... Read more
Traffic Demand Estimation for 10th of Ramadan City / Cairo Railway Line, Egypt Overview: The project include estimating the expected no. of passengers that will use a new train between North / East C ... Read more
EPC Electrical GIS Substation & Construction 380 kV OHTL Double Circuit RIC S/S #2, KSA (Contracts No. 099-C02 & 100-C01) The objective of the project is to conne ... Read more
Porto New Cairo, Egypt Overview: A mega Mixed Use Development located in New Cairo, Egypt on a land area of around 55,000 m2.The project includes 4 Residential towers, ... Read more
Makkah Flood Projects, KSA Overview: Protection for Makkah Villages from floods at 3 main Wadies (Wadi Fatma, Wadi Orna, and Wadi Nooman). ... Read more
Development of Makkah Entrances, KSA Overview: Development of 6 traffic axes leading to the Holy City with total lengths of about 100 km ... Read more
Electrical Power Study for Metro Line One, Egypt Studying the capacity of existing electrical power network of Line no. 1 to meet the demand of running (62) air conditioned trains with head way time ... Read more
Private Aviation facilities at King Khalid International Airport, KSA Overview: General Authority of Civil Aviation constructed a private aviation terminal at King Khalid International ... Read more
Upgrading of Boosters Pump Stations along Alexandria – Matrouh and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Egypt Overview: Upgrading of all Boosters ... Read more
Autostrad – Ring Road Interchange (Complete Free Intersection), Egypt Overview: The project consists of a main free intersection which includes bridge consists of  three lanes for each ... Read more
EPC of Interconnection Grid between Saudi and Egypt The project is an interconnection grid between Saudi and Egypt, pullingthe interconnection 500 kV DC cable from Nabq S/S in Sharm Al‐Sheik ... Read more
SODIC Westown Residence (Block 26), Egypt Block 26 is a new residential neighborhood with different areas that can fulfill the various needs of its residents. Its main aim is to provide an int ... Read more
Water Transmission Completion project from Hili & Yabba & Al Laith Dams to Al Shuaiba Plant (Phase 2), KSA Overview: The main Water carrier from Qu ... Read more
Al Azhar Roadway Tunnel, Egypt Overview: The tunnel includes two tunnels each of length 2.7 km. The total length of the bored tunnel was 3.5 km.  ... Read more
Power Supply for Cooling Plant at City Center, KSA The objective of the project is to power supply the DCP through two (2) 115 kV underground power cable circuits from existing 380 / 115 ... Read more
New Giza Residential Neighborhood 3A & 3B (IVORY HILL I&II), Egypt The Project shall, mainly comprise Neighborhood 3A with total BUA 138,121 m2 & Neighborhood 3B with total BUA 227,79 ... Read more
WWTP at New Cairo City, Egypt Overview: : The WWTP in New Cairo City is located on Cairo – Ein Elsokhna road ... Read more
International Coastal Highway, Egypt Overview: Upgrading the 5th segment of the International Coastal Highway. The segment is 70 km length between the Al Borollous and Gamasa cities ... Read more
11/0.415 kV Substation SouqWaqif, Qatar The project consists of 3 stages as follows; Stage‐1: Data gathering and studying the existing network, Stage‐2: Design work, Stage‐3:  ... Read more
New building & Existing building for Givaudan, Egypt The project includes the following:  New building includes Labs with high hygiene level and office. The building comprises (B+ G+3) with ... Read more
The National Project for WW (El Fayoum – Assiut – Sohag), Egypt Overview: The project comprises of Sewer networks, pumping stations, force main lines, in addition to constructing ... Read more
Bourgas Port, Bulgaria Overview: A new bulk cargo terminal (Terminal 2A) is to be constructed to meet the future demand of bulk cargo handling, under the port of Bourgas exp ... Read more
EPC of Primary Electrical Substation # 3 (380/115/33kV) in Ras El Khair, KSA (Contract No. 099-C05) Overview: This project is a part of RC c ... Read more
Schools Complex in Julmoudah District (Phase 6), KSA Contract No. 610 – T22 The project comprises the following:  2 girls elementary schools (A1 – 6), (A3 – 5), and boys ele ... Read more
Water & Wastewater Treatment Utilities for the Military Industries Corporation, KSA Overview: The project includes evaluatin ... Read more
Madinaty City, Egypt (Traffic Impact Assessment Studies) Overview: Madinaty is 1300 acre residential City in New Cairo area ... Read more
25 MW Solar PV Power Station, Egypt Overview: The project is Solar Power Station with total capacity of 24 MW A/C power, it comprises 62,400 solar modules (400 watt peak) spread across 4 ... Read more
German School, Mivida, Egypt Emaar Misr seeks to provide Mivida Community with an educational Facilities such as a state of the art German international school that is situated in ... Read more
Upgrading of Potable Water System for Northern El Haram District, Giza Governorate, Egypt Overview: Upgrading of water networks in ... Read more
Enhancing Competitiveness and Integration of Omani Ports, Oman Overview: The overall objective of this project is to develop and propose an Integrated National Action Plan for Enhancing Competitiven ... Read more
EPC of Primary Electrical Substation # 1, 2, CC1 & CC2 (380/115/33kV) in Ras El Khair, KSA (Contract No. 099-C04) Overview: This project is a part of RC c ... Read more
Ajyal Home Ownership Program, KSA Saudi Aramco is building a mega development project in South Dhahran to host over 8,500 homes for employees. EGEC was called to present its consultanc ... Read more
Stability for Rock Zone – West Slope for High Dam, Egypt Overview: Design of rock cuts and slope protection works for the 40 m high rock slope of the rock mass supporting  ... Read more
Development of King Abdul Aziz Road, Yanbu Industrial City, KSA (Contract No. A-0070 C) Overview: “Expansion and Developme ... Read more
AMOC Gas – Oil Production Maximization, Egypt Overview: The project includes a large number of tanks, process areas and pipe racks, all founded on some 5000 piles ... Read more
Secondary Infrastructure and Construction of 224 villas, KSA Constructing of 224 residential villas and the associated neighborhood area in Julmudah district as part of the residential development. ... Read more
Yabeh and Qanouna Water Treatment Plants, KSA Overview: The project consists of Yabeh plant (20,000 m3/day) and Qanouna plant (18,000 m3/day) ... Read more
Al Tour – St. Katreine Highway, Egypt Overview: Connecting Al Tour city at the East Coast of the Suez Gulf with St. Katreine city at the top of Sinai Mountains ... Read more
Commercial Office Building ECQ Plot D24, Qatar The project is an office building; consists of 2basements, ground floor, mezzanine and 3 typical floors in ECQ with built up area 14,400 m2, to be use ... Read more
Wadi Aslaa Wastewater Storage Dam, KSA Overview: The project aims; Rehabilitate an existing wastewater treatment plant and design a new  ... Read more
Subic Bay Port Development Project, The Philippines Overview: Environmental and coastal simulation studies, for a new container station ... Read more
Al Jaimilya Culture and Youth Center, Qatar Al Jaimilya Culture and Youth Center is a sports center that comprises different sports facilities, cultural, social & administrative facilities, ... Read more
Water Transmission from Kholais and Rabigh Dams to Jeddah City & Water Treatment System of 40,000 m3 / day, KSA Overview: Construction of the Kholais wa ... Read more
Multi-story Parking Garage Agha Khan, Egypt Overview: The project is a cultural building that includes 3 basements used as underground parking ... Read more
Chevron Civil Defense Package, Egypt Chevron Egypt Lubricant Oil factory is located at 6th October. Company is intended different lubricant oils in the Egyptian market. The facility consi ... Read more
Potable Water Systems for 12 Villages in Dibaa Governorate, KSA Overview: The project includes preparing the detail designs for the potable water system of 12 villages ... Read more
Gathered Intersection projects in KSA Overview: The project includes 4 projects; Intersection King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz & Jubail highway ... Read more
The Equal Access and Simplified Environment for Investment (EASE) Project, Egypt The project aims to support Industrial D ... Read more
Integrated Sanitation & Sewerage Infrastructure Project for El Beheira (ISSIP 1 – Phase 2), Egypt Overview: The project covers the Delta p ... Read more
Al Nagah – Al Bardaweel Lake Road, Egypt Overview: The project is a road that links the International Road (Qantara / Arish) with length of approximately 14 km . ... Read more
Edison International Academy Complex, Qatar The Academy is to serve 2,000 – 3,000 students covering from the nursery, kindergarten, primary to secondary levels. The plot area of the propos ... Read more
1st Stage of Shorook City WWTP & Adding Tertiary Treatment for the Hykstep WWTP, Egypt Overview:  ... Read more
El Sadat -Menouf Railway line (First Stage), Egypt Overview: Preliminary study for railway route from Menouf to Elsadat city ... Read more
The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), Egypt Overview: GEM is a colossal project planned to house a State of the Art exposition in addition to educational, cultural and recreational activities wi ... Read more
2nd Stage El Badrasheen WTP of 34,000 m3 /d, Egypt Overview: Design of 2nd stage of El Badrasheen WTP including intake and treatment units ... Read more
Strategic Planning of Road Sector Fayoum, Egypt Overview: Improvement of roads conditions, training, and institutional strengthening. ... Read more
Cairo International Airport Terminal Building (TB3), Egypt Overview: Consists of a terminal building, a concourse and 2 fingers, each finger consists of 2 stories built on an area of 10,000 m2 and th ... Read more
Upper Zakum Artificial Islands – Ground Treatment for Island W, UAE Overview: Island W is one of five artificial islands in Zakum field. The works include the construction of quay walls, s ... Read more
Head Office Building – Diwan Al Marifa, KSA Overview: Knowledge Economic City is planning to build an office building to primary serve as KEC Head Office building but a host MILE and ECA ac ... Read more
Roads Network Planning for the Free Zones of Port Said & Qeft, Egypt Overview: The project includes planning of 3 industrial zones ... Read more
Al Qassimy Hospital, UAE Overview: Al Qassimy hospital is a 200 bed general hospital located in the Emirate of Sharjah, (UAE). ... Read more
El Burullus Black Sands, Egypt (Traffic Impact Assessment Studies) Overview: The Burullus Black Sands project is a Mining and Mineral Separation Plant utilizing the Black Sands Deposits E ... Read more
Jubail Industrial College Support Facilities, KSA Overview: The project comprises the following; Training Center building that consists of 6 storey; its total area about 25,275 m2   ... Read more
Carrefour – Almaza, Egypt (Traffic Impact Assessment Studies) Overview: The project is constructed on area of 32.5 feddan. The commercial project consists of trading markets, hyper market, supplementary ... Read more
Arcelor Mittal Tubular Products (AMTP), Seamless Pipe Factory, KSA Overview: The AMTP in Jubail Industrial 02, the Eastern Region, KSA, is an integrated facility which includes the Hot Ro ... Read more
Mindanao International Container Port Project, The Philippines Overview: The proposed port facilities will cover an area of approximately 50 ha. which 16 ha. with 800 m along the bay will comprise the po ... Read more
Riyadh 3-Easter TECB 1001 Building, KSA Overview: The built up area of the project is about 35,000 m2, this project is considered as the biggest Data center building in the Middle East& ... Read more
Al Beliana Flyover, Egypt Overview: The project is a highway link consists of asphalt-road between Beliana City Corniche passing the agricultural areas  ... Read more
Shumoos Hills, UAE Overview: Al Shumoos Hills development is located in Sharjah, UAE and has an approximate total area of one million m2 ... Read more
Development of the New Singapore Embassy, Egypt Overview: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Singapore intends to develop a new Embassy in Zamalek with an estimated site area of 2,847m2 and an e ... Read more
Schools Complex in Mutrafiah District, KSA Contract No. 610 – T22 The project comprises the following:  Boys Elementary School, Girls Elementary School & Boys Intermediate ... Read more
Kahrama'a Educational Park, Qatar Overview: Kahrama'a Educational Park is an educational facility established to educate the public on the process of producing water and electricit ... Read more
Emaar Misr - Mivida Project, Egypt Overview: Parcels No. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12 and 18 are fully finished residential villages within Emaar’s high standard community project called &ld ... Read more
JESCO Seamless Pipe Plant, KSA Overview: The first operating seamless pipe mill in the GCC & the Middle East, production capacity of 400,000 tons of seamless pipes ... Read more
Toyota Compound – Abha, KSA Overview: The center shall be designed on a gross area of 30,000 m2, with a 60% footprint. The center is shared among three business units ... Read more
6 Neighborhood Centers in Mutrafiayah District, KSA Overview: The project comprises the following; 4 Masjids where its built up area is about 1,400 m2 each, 2 Masjids where its built up a ... Read more
Infrastructure Network for Investment Area (Action Area), Egypt Overview: The action area of the Investment area is located along the 22 km of Cairo / Alex desert road ... Read more
Al Khobar Corniche Project, KSA Overview: The proposed development is in Al Khobar, KSA, and covers an area of approximately 833,000 m2.  ... Read more
Geotechnical Information Management System for Abu Dhabi Municipality, UAE Overview: The scope including the followings; Collecting existing geotechnical data ... Read more
Multipurpose High Rise Buildings, Qatar Overview: Towers of 40 to 52 story high ... Read more
Saint Gobain Glass Factory, Egypt Overview: Saint Gobain factory consists of seven structures: administration building, warehouse, float building, furnace, annealing lehr, batch house ... Read more
Upgrading of Fire Protection System in O&M Facilities at Jubail, KSA Overview: The project comprises 285 water pumping station distributed in industrial Jubail city including potable water ... Read more
Office Building at Energy City, Qatar Overview: Energy City Qatar, PLOT D16 is the one of the prestigious project in Energy City, Qatar.  ... Read more
Safety Training Center, KSA (Contract 101-T18) Overview: The project comprises one building of two stories where its built up area is about 4,400 m2.  ... Read more
Marine Base, Jubail - Phase 1, KSA (Contract No. 027-T18) Overview: The RC is proposing to complete a detailed engineering design for the construction of the Marine Base, Jubail ... Read more
Engineering Study to Rectify Phenomena of Deviation of Grain Silos, Flour Mills and Water Leakage, KSA Overview: The project is to provide a co ... Read more
Al Khor Municipality Park, Qatar Overview: Design for a park with area 80,629 m2 in Al Khor including Restaurants, caferterias ... Read more
Mirdif & Al Quoz District Cooling Plants, UAE Overview: The project comprises two districts cooling plants at Mirdif & Al Quoz in Dubai. The building in each site consists of a reinforced conc ... Read more
Novartis Projects Site Expansion and Remodeling, Egypt Overview: Novartis intends to have an expansion and remodeling to their site in Egypt  ... Read more
Al Taif Data Center / Telecom. Building, KSA Overview: The built up area of the project is about 4000 m2 ... Read more
Industrial Park Development (NAFFCO), Egypt Overview: National Fire Fighting Manufacturing Company (NAFFCO) started to build a new plant in 6th of October City, Egypt.    ... Read more
Emerald Building Complex, Egypt Overview: The project comprises 18 residential buildings; each building consists of a basement, ground floor, and 7 to 8 floors.  ... Read more
Masfout Hospital, UAE Overview: Masfout hospital is a 50 bed general hospital located in Masfout, near the Town of Hatta, in the North East Rural Area of Emirate of Dubai ( ... Read more
Tecom District Cooling Project, UAE Overview: The project sites comprise the four plot designated by Dubai Municipality as A – 007 – 006, B – 001 – 018, C – ... Read more
Schools in Mutrafiyah District, KSA Overview: The project comprises the following; Elementary School for Boys where its built up area is about 5,930 m2 ... Read more
Al Kharj POP Building, KSA Overview: The built up area of the project is about 1700 m2, the white area of the project is about 650 m2 including two Telecom. halls ... Read more
New Sterile Unit - GSK factory, Egypt Overview: The building occupies an area of approximately 1000 m2 and is expected to produce approximately 5 million ampoules yearly. ... Read more
Emaar Square, Uptown Cairo, Egypt Overview: Emaar Square is an urban center of Uptown Cairo consists of shopping mall, residential towers, office towers  ... Read more
Sinai Cement Factory, Egypt Overview: The industry facility included the current cement mill, limestone and clay crusher ... Read more
Farida Resort, Egypt Overview: The project involves the construction of a large integrated touristic resort at a prime location at Al Sokhna. ... Read more
El Kufra Emergency Clinic, Libya Overview: Design and build an emergency clinic located at El Kufra - Libya ... Read more
Q - Tel Dialysis Center Building, Qatar Overview: The main objective of this facility is to provide complete Kidney Dialysis Center, in one building, consisting of ground, first and second f ... Read more
Design of PMT Camp Accommodation, Shah Gas Development Project, UAE Overview: The Shah Gas development Project is located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate on a site approxim ... Read more
Lamar Towers, KSA Overview: The proposed Lamar towers, high rise multiuse development, consist of 72 storeys (305 m above ground surface),  ... Read more
Mivida Residence, Egypt Overview: This project comprises six residential buildings; the total area of each building is about 6,000 m2 and consists of 5 floors.  ... Read more
Administration Building for RC Departments, KSA Overview: Expanding office accommodation and facilities for employees and departments of Royal Commission (RC) by providing an  ... Read more
The Primary Health Care Corporation Headquarters, Qatar Overview: The project comprises 2 towers that host the Primary Health care headquarters. It consists of 2 basements, ground and 14 floors ... Read more
Schools in Julmoudah District, KSA Overview: The project comprises the following; 2 Kindergartens where its built up area is about 960 m2 each ... Read more
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